Join Norway Expo Dubai as a partner

We are seeking partners for Norway’s participation at EXPO 2020 DUBAI, one of the world’s largest business and cultural events. A partnership will give your company, organisation or cluster a unique platform to gain international exposure. The participation is designed to open up business opportunities for Ocean Industries ​and strengthen the competitiveness of Norwegian business and industry in the UAE and the Gulf region.

Norwegian companies are invited to participate as partners in three main categories:

Category A: NOK 2.0 million and above
Category B: NOK 0.5 million – NOK 2.0 million
Category C: NOK 0.1 million – NOK 0.5 million

Why become a partner?

  • As a partner, you become part of the official Norwegian presence – you build a reputation and gain access to important networks of contacts in the Gulf region​
  • You strengthen relationship with local contacts and gain access to new networks that can be challenging for a business alone ​
  • In collaboration with the authorities, meetings and seminar days are arranged, focusing specifically on ocean industries – where you will be able to present your company and your solutions ​
  • You will be in position to arrange your own business presentations or meetings with your network through the use of Norway Pavilion’s Business Center

What does it require from you?

  • You only attend meetings, seminars or other events you find of interest to you. ​
  • You are not expected to develop a stand or arrange for promotional material – unless you want to use this in your own meetings in the Business Center ​
  • You do not need to have any kind of staff present in the pavilion at all times, as there will be separate guides employed for the pavilion presentation ​
  • However, partners have the option to provide up to two guides to the project, in accordance with guidelines set by the project management

How will you benefit from participating?

EXPO 2020 DUBAI provides access to the Middle East, Africa and Asia, markets where Norway has great opportunities for growth. These are however perceived as challenging markets to enter, and require long-term planning and efforts.

EXPO 2020 DUBAI thus offers a brilliant point of entry – to the markets, to the decision makers, as part of the official Brand Norway. By participating, Norwegian companies are showcased at one of the biggest business arenas in the world.

At EXPO, arrangements are made: ​

  • for participation from the Norwegian business community in the energy, offshore, maritime and seafood sectors ​
  • to boost contact-creating measures between the business communities in Norway, the Gulf countries and other participating countries ​
  • to identify and boost specific business projects between Norway, the Gulf countries and other ​
  • to facilitate Norwegian business and industry’s contact with relevant authorities, investors, and potential partners/customers in the Gulf region

EXP0 2020 Dubai offers:

  • New business partnerships
  • A unique gateway to the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region
  • Showcase Norwegian ocean industries towards 25 million visitors, whereof 70% are visitors from outside the UAE
  • Visualise Norwegian technology and expertise
  • Strengthening international cooperation in research and development
  • Profiling and reputation building – Brand Norway
  • Thematic days and weeks; opportunities at conferences, seminars and presentations
  • The “Norway Day” at EXPO 2020 DUBAI

The Norway Pavilion – an Arena for Connection

  • The pavilion is dimensioned to receive around 1.4 million visitors and will at the same time function as a connecting arena between Norwegian business and industry visitors, business associates and partners​
  • The pavilion’s Business Center will be a gathering place for partners’ events and networking activities ​
  • On Norway Days, 17 and 18 November 2021, an official delegation and a business delegation will arrive at Expo.      A comprehensive thematic business program including seminars and high-level meetings between Norwegian and Emirati authorities, businesses, research institutions, and academia will be organized