Pavilion Management

Our proud staff operating the Norway Pavilion

Norway pavilion at Expo 2020 is entirely operated by Norwegian staff. As part of oir commitment to expanding the understanding of the Middle-East in Norway, most of our staff are young aspiring students. They undergo comprehensive training in the culture and business of the Middle-East, Norwegian Ocean Strategy, Ocean Industry and Technologies and the Norwegian commitment to the Green Shift.

In addition to the Management – our staff consist of 25 employees in Season 1 ( 21.09.2021 – 10.01.2022) and 31 employees in Season 2 ( 02.01.2022 – 15.04.2022)

In addition to training and experiencing the daily operations of receiving delegations, hosting seminars, meeting business partners and guiding a vast number of visitors through the exhibition, our staff also attend relevant seminars in other venues at Expo 2020.

Season 1 Staff 21.09.2021 to 10.01.2022